What are we doing?

I can’t be the only one who reads the news and believes that there is so much time wasted on political agendas. It’s really unbelievable. From the Stormy Daniels mess to the continual revolving door in D.C. – it’s pretty remarkable how much drama can stem from the Office of the President. If you pay attention to what’s going on both in the United States of America and abroad – there are so many other fish that should be sitting in the frying pan.

  1. School Shootings
  2. Nuclear Weaponry
  3. Gun Laws and the NRA
  4. The #MeToo Movement
  5. Unrest in the Middle East

Let me start by saying that I am not a political right or left winger. I believe in whoever is going to actually live up to the promises that they make throughout their campaign. Part of the issue is that our Nation is divided on many fronts. For example: Passing a budget seems to take longer and longer every year. It irks me to my core when I see lawmakers going home at night and their job is left incomplete. Imagine if most of the working-class American’s did that…they wouldn’t have a job for long.

School Shootings

As of May 25, 2018 – there have been 23 School Shootings in the United States in 2018. While this may be a grim outlook – I am fairly confident that this number will rise well above the current number of school shootings. As a parent, I am not naive to the fact that this could happen anywhere, anytime. While I am concerned by the frequency, I also believe that there are a number of these incidents that are copycats. These kids are craving attention so much, that they will do pretty much anything to get it. It’s sad, really.

But what are WE doing about it? How are WE teaching our children to cope with rejection, hurt feelings, pain and emotional distress? Are we teaching them that lashing out is the way to handle it? Are we really training them to go out and be productive and make a difference in the world? The harsh reality is that many of these kids likely come from broken homes, or have parents that are not paying the least bit of attention to their child. This may not be the case for ALL of them – I said MANY.

Is #GunControl going to stop it? Would arming teachers make it less appealing to a potential shooter? Does rallying for #Change make the difference? Better yet – does slamming the US Government show that our voice can be heard? No. What will make change happen? Change will only happen when American’s learn to voice their opinion in peace, when they learn to teach their children how to respect others. When American’s stop listening to the garbage on the radio that promotes anger, violence, rape, drugs and puts the greatest emphasis on hate. Change is in OUR hands as Citizens of this great Country.

Nuclear Weaponry

I could go into quite a tirade about Nuclear Weaponry – so I will keep this short. It is a sad day when the President of the United States stands in front of his constituents and speaks of the great volumes of nuclear weaponry that the United States has. This is not only unbecoming of POTUS, but it is also like telling a child that cookies are bad for them while the parent is eating the cookie. The US wants other countries to disarm – but the US does not want to disarm. This is public knowledge and largely the reason that there is so much pushback around the globe on the topic.

The #MeToo Movement

This is like a page out of days-of-our-lives. It’s really remarkable how many people are coming forward and saying #MeToo so many years after the alleged offense. I absolutely believe that some of these cases have merit – but I am also fairly certain that there are many more that will not hold water. Look, I want justice for offenders. I want closure for those who have been hurt. I want lives and emotional scars to be healed.

Perhaps the most terrible part about this movement is that it appears to be another social-media driven band-wagon. I’ve begun to realize how much society has become disconnected in a time when they should have no issue staying connected. In many ways, I believe it is what glorifies violence and hate – it is what glorifies the misconduct that has taken place sometimes twenty-plus years ago in some cases.

The Middle East

There is no easy answer to this. It is a full-on Charlie-Foxtrot over there. At some point though, we have to realize that these countries are likely destined to fight one another until their respective demise takes place. We can’t stop it. We should not stop it. We should allow them to handle their affairs the way that they choose to. This, coming from a three-time combat veteran who has been to almost every country in the Middle East. I’m tired of seeing bloodshed for the sake of oil.

America, it’s time to wake up! These problems are not going to resolve themselves. In fact, they will likely continue to get worse until we put the emphasis where it needs to be – at home. I believe that many of the problems that we are experiencing today are brought on by hatred and division, or better yet – the lack of care and compassion towards humankind.